Tajana Ban Kirigin, Sanda Bujačić Babić  and Benedikt Perak have published a paper Graph-Based Taxonomic Semantic Class Labeling on the graph-based method for the lexical task of labeling senses of polysemous lexemes in the Future Internet https://www.mdpi.com/2015674. This article belongs to the Special Issue Collaborative and Intelligent Networks and Decision Systems and Services for Supporting Engineering and Production Management II

The labeling task aims at generalizing sense features of a lexical item in a corpus using more abstract concepts. In this method, a coordination dependency-based lexical graph is first constructed with clusters of conceptually associated lexemes representing related senses and conceptual domains of a source lexeme. The label abstraction is based on the syntactic patterns of the x is_a y dependency relation. For each sense cluster, an additional lexical graph is constructed by extracting label candidates from a corpus and selecting the most prominent is_a collocates in the constructed label graph. The obtained label lexemes represent the sense abstraction of the cluster of conceptually associated lexemes. In a similar graph-based procedure, the semantic class representation is validated by constructing a WordNet hypernym relation graph. These additional labels indicate the most appropriate hypernym category of a lexical sense community. The proposed labeling method extracts hierarchically abstract conceptual content and the sense semantic features of the polysemous source lexeme, which can facilitate lexical understanding and build corpus-based taxonomies.


Ban Kirigin, T.; Bujačić Babić, S.; Perak, B. Graph-Based Taxonomic Semantic Class Labeling. Future Internet 202214, 383. https://doi.org/10.3390/fi14120383