On 24th June EmoCNet semantic possibilities were discussed in the IIIF Croatian Panel :

2021 IIIF Annual Conference, June 22-24, Online — IIIF | International Image Interoperability Framework 

IIIF Regional Meeting: Croatia 


Regional IIIF event in Croatia gathers different profile of experts based in science, education and cultural heritage institutions and is supported by DARIAH-HR and ICARUS-HR national coordinators.  

Aim of the event is to give broad overview of current experience of using IIIF protocols, tools and APIs throughout some of the repositories and projects established in recent years. Leaning on the previous engagement in processes of building interoperable communities in Croatia, panel participants will share their understanding of the importance of IIIF and will outline the possible future scenarios for advocating the growth of IIIF community in Croatia.  

Application and use of IIIF will be discussed through examples as the Glagolitic heritage transliteration project or deep machine learning methods based on collections of digitized images.  

The topic will also address the current national program “e-Kultura”, that is focused on digitization of culture heritage in GLAM sector, expanding the multi-year efforts in the digital transformation of heritage institutions in Croatia.  

Keywords: #interoperable communities #digital skills #digital transformation #education #digitization in heritage institutions #machine learning #IIIF and overlapping communities #digital abundance 


• Koraljka Kuzman Šlogar is Head of the Archive at the Institute of Ethnology and Folklore Research and our national coordinator for DARIAH network for the past 6 years.   

• Vlatka Lemić is Head of University Archive in Zagreb, current president of ICARUS organization and since recently Europeana Advisory Board member.   

• Kristijan Crnković is a CEO of ArhivPRO, company based in Koprivnica, specialized in scanning service and building of custom digital repositories in INDIGO web platform  

• Marijana Tomić is Associate Professor at Department of information sciences and head of the Centre for Research in Glagolitism at University of Zadar.  

• Benedikt Perak is Research Assistant Professor at the Department of Cultural Studies at University of Rijeka.   

• Eva Cetinić is postdoctoral researcher affiliated to Durham University at UK and Ruđer Bošković Institute in Zagreb.   

• Goran Zlodi is Associate Professor at the Department of Information and Communication Sciences based at the Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences of the University of Zagreb.   

• Željko Trbušić is an Archivist at the Croatian Academy of Sciences and Arts.