The Many Voices of the EuroParliament

During the DH Hackathon 2019 in Helsinki, a group of scholars from around Europe gathered and analysed the data about the Plenary talks in the EU Parliament.


Some results

The morpho-syntactically parsed corpus of EuroParliamentary Plenary Talks


The data analysis presented at the DH Hackathon

Some more visualisation of the data!/

About DH Hackathon Helsinki 2019

The Helsinki Digital Humanities Hackathon is a chance to experience an interdisciplinary research project from start to finish within the span of 1½ weeks. For researchers and students from computer science, the hackathon gives the opportunity to test their abstract knowledge against complex real-life problems. For people from the humanities and social sciences, it shows what is possible to achieve with such collaboration.

Benedikt Perak (EmoCnet) was a participant at the Helsinki Digital Humanities Hackathon, organized as a CLARIN and DARIAH summer school.

For both, the hackathon gives the experience of intensely working with people from different backgrounds as part of an interdisciplinary team, as, during the hackathon, each group will develop a digital humanities research project from start to finish. Working together, they will formulate research questions with respect to particular data sets, develop and apply methods and tools to answer them, and present the work at the end of the hackathon. For information on what the hackathon was like in previous years, see #DHH18#DHH17#DHH16 and #DHH15.


This year, we will have four areas of interest with one or more groups per topic, each with up to eight participants + group leaders.

  • The Many Voices of European Parliamentary Debates (
  • Genre and Style in Early Mod­ern Publications
  • Brexit in Transnational Social Media
  • Newspapers and Capitalism