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EmoCNet at JTDH-2018

At the JTDH-2018 conference 20-21/09/2018 Benedikt Perak and Filip Rodik presented the paper ” Building a corpus of the Croatian parliamentary debates using UDPipe open source NLP tools and Neo4j graph database for creation of social ontology model, text classification and extraction of semantic information “, published in  Zbornik konference Jezikovne tehnologije in digitalna humanistika…
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Perak, Benedikt (2018). The role of metonymy in the constructionist approach to the conceptualization of emotions. In Antonio Barcelona, Olga Blanco (eds). Conceptual metonymy: Methodological, theoretical, and descriptive issues. pp. (256-258). John Benjamins. Beliga, S., Kitanović, O., Stanković, R., & Martinčić-Ipšić, S. (2017, September). Keyword Extraction from Parallel Abstracts of Scientific Publications. In International KEYSTONE…
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