Tajana Ban Kirigin, Sanda Bujačić Babić  and Benedikt Perak have published a paper Graph-Based Taxonomic Semantic Class Labeling on […]
At the invitation of Sara Carvalho and Ilan Kernerman, on November 24th 2022. Benedikt Perak presented the EMOCNET […]
Benedikt Perak, Tajana Ban Kirigin and Sanda Bujačić Babić presented the EMOCNET method at the Language Data SciTech […]
Perak, Benedikt and Čulig, Janja presented the paper In search of the beauty and the beast: antonymy in […]
ConGraCNet version 2.x:  Corpus data: Sketch Engine;  Corpus metatags: Word Sketch syntactic relations;  Computational Lexicons: WordNet synsets, WordNet […]
15 – 17. 10. 2020. Benedikt Perak @ Leksikografski https://www.lzmk.hr/enciklopedika-2020
We are pleased to launch the Beta 0.1 version of Construction Grammar Conceptual Network app. This version gives […]
At the JTDH-2018 conference 20-21/09/2018 Benedikt Perak and Filip Rodik presented the paper ” Building a corpus of […]
Perak, Benedikt (2018). The role of metonymy in the constructionist approach to the conceptualization of emotions. In Antonio […]