Brdar, Mario; Brdar-Szabó, Rita; Perak, Benedikt Metaphor repositories and cross-linguistic comparison: Ontological eggs and chickens // Metaphor and Metonymy in the Digital Age: Theory and methods for building repositories of figurative language / Bolognesi, Marianna ; Brdar, Mario ; Despot, Kristina (ed.). Amsterdam, Netherlands: John Benjamins Publishing Company, 2019. pp: 225-252

This chapter focuses on the relationship between repositories of figurative speech, cross-linguistic research and ontology models. We first demonstrate on two case studies some problems caused by cross-linguistic comparison of some conceptual metaphors and claim that the interaction between repositories and cross-linguistic research results in more synergy if an ontology model mediates between them. We then present the architecture of the Ontological Model of Concepts and Construction that seeks to capture the ontological and conceptual organization in 16 emergent layers and (super)impose a referential lexical and constructional layer of language-specific knowledge, metaphor appearing as a conceptual process involving the violation of the ontological congruency between concepts activated by linguistic construction triggering emergent enrichment of the construed concept.

Keywords: ontological model, repository, time metaphors, entrenchment, cross-linguistic comparison, ontological violation, metaphor identification, construction