Perak, Benedikt and Čulig, Janja presented the paper In search of the beauty and the beast: antonymy in […]
Journal publications Ban Kirigin, Tajana, Sanda Bujačić Babić, and Benedikt Perak. 2021. “Lexical Sense Labeling and Sentiment Potential […]
On 24th June EmoCNet semantic possibilities were discussed in the IIIF Croatian Panel : 2021 IIIF Annual Conference, […]
EmoCNet will be presented at the online SCIMETH 2021 symposium 23.6. 2021., a pre-conference event of the CLARC […]
ConGraCNet version 2.x:  Corpus data: Sketch Engine;  Corpus metatags: Word Sketch syntactic relations;  Computational Lexicons: WordNet synsets, WordNet […]
15 – 17. 10. 2020. Benedikt Perak @ Leksikografski
Researchers from the EmocNet project participated at the Rasa Summit a three-day virtual event full of conversation-driven development, […]
As a part of the virtual exhibition Borders – between Order and Chaos ( at the Maritime and […]
Benedikt Perak speaks about the digital humanities data portal for analysing the Parliamentary debates. In the Regensburg – […]
ENCIKLOPEDIKA 202015-16.10.2020. Zagreb Program Benedikt Perak, Diana Grgurić Digital platform of the musical heritage of Istria and Hrvatsko […]